By Gradi Jordan

Upon starting my website,, I was determined to list at least three cannabis industry jobs in and around Tacoma and Seattle each day in addition to other content. After nine months, I have published 896 positions and will continue to do so, working with the Weekly Weedly to ensure they are also published in print and online.

For everything from inexperienced budtenders to trimmers, packagers, growers, management and much more, go to search for new jobs.

In addition, if you would like to list your job posting on the Job Dashboard, just send e-mail to

Some of the jobs we have listed this week include:

If you have a desire to work in the cannabis industry, this is a perfect place to start your search.

Gradi Jordan is a mom, cannabis job connector, marijuana curator, edible creator, writer and educator. Learn more about her and her work at




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