By Sharon Whitson


My dog is old. Gingerale is an Australian Cattle Dog who’s been steadfast by my side for over 14 years. She started going blind and having the first signs of arthritis – three years ago.

Of course, I sleuthed out CBD products to give her, first trying capsules and eventually finding Mt. Baker Dog Treats ( The one constant question that no one could answer was how much does my little girl need?

The price of CBD is no joke, so while I want to make sure I give her enough CBD, how much is too much and how often should I give it to her?

Enter CBD Dosage Calculator ( In a few easy clicks I was able to find out exactly how much to give her and was given recommendations on how to start low and increase her dosage as her tolerance builds. I found out I’m giving her way too little daily CBD and not dosing her enough times throughout the day. What a great tool to figure out the proper CBD dosage!

Of course, I’ve now adjusted her medicating schedule and am also looking into a few other new products we can carry here at Hempfest Central, our industrial hemp boutique, to help her and all the other pets out there that will benefit from CBD.

The really cool thing about the CBD Dosage Calculator site is that it calculates for dogs, cats, or horses as well as humans.

I cannot tell you how many times someone browsing our CBD products asks for dosing information. So much goes into answering that question! Why are you using CBD? How much do you weigh? Luckily, we can use in store and help people figure out exactly how much to take.

At Hempfest Central,we sell a variety of CBD and CHABA lines to support your health and wellbeing! You can visit CBD Dosage Calculator before you visit or just ask and we’ll help you figure it out while you’re here.

We’re located at 3220 NE 125th St. in Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood. Our hours are Wednesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 1-7 p.m. Not in our area? You can shop online at

Remember to shop local, buy more hemp, and support businesses that align with your value stream!

Sharon Whitson is general manager at Hempfest Central.






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