Sticky Budz Dr. Who Trifecta Prerolls – THC 43.22%; CBD 0.11%

By Alden Linn
Owner, World of Weed

If you want to feel like a timelord having an out-of-this-world experience, then you want the Dr. Who strain. Named after the popular BBC sci-fi television show, Dr. Who is a potent indica hybrid born through crossing Timewreck and Mad Scientist. These Sticky Budz trifecta prerolls are packed full of Dr. Who flower, dipped in sugar wax, and then rolled in honeycomb, offering a THC content of a whopping 43.22%.

The Dr. Who strain smells dank earthy, with strong notes of tart lemon, pineapple, and other tropical citrus fruits coming through with each inhalation. The smoke on the exhale is notably sweet and tangy, with undertones of grape or pineapple, depending. The sweet flavors linger on the palate, making these trifecta prerolls the perfect after-dinner dessert.

The high of the Dr. Who strain is a slow creeper – eventually, you’ll just notice your head is suddenly very heavy, and you feel all the tension leave your body. This is a relaxing strain for both the body and the mind, one that will put you in both a creative and calmly energized state – the perfect prerolls for going on a long walk, doing something creative, or having an “aliens and spaceships” conversation with friends.

Or, you know, watching episodes of “Dr. Who” while you smoke on the Dr. Who strain.

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