By Alden Linn
Owner, World of Weed

You know that sand-like powder that builds up in your grinder? The sparkling dust that covers your bud?

That’s kief.

Kief is the common name for the harvested sticky, powdery crystals found on cannabis flower – and it can take your high from great to mind-blowing.

Used for centuries as a way to consume and benefit from cannabis, kief is a highly concentrated form of cannabis that contains the most potent parts of the cannabis flower as a light-colored, cannabinoid-stuffed powder.

Kief hits much harder than flower, thanks to the greater level of cannabinoids. If you’re looking for a way to get super lit, you want to collect your kief. Or, you can buy some of the best types of kief – we’ve got them here in our shop!

What is Kief?

Kief is the collection of translucent, resin trichomes that accumulate on the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Trichomes are the extremely small, bulbous glands that stick out from the surface of the flowers and leaves of late-stage marijuana plants. These can be removed from the plant, producing kief.

Derived from the Arabic word “kyf,” meaning “pleasure” or “intoxication,” kief is insanely potent and holds a dense concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. However, it’s still not as powerful as cannabis concentrates, such as resin, shatter, or distillate.

High-quality kief is usually beige/light tan, or blonde in coloration and holds a strong aroma. Lower quality kief is green and holds more plant matter. It’s nowhere nearly as pure, nor as concentrated, as the light-colored kief.

How to Use Kief to Get Even Higher

Kief offers a more powerful high than a lot of other types of cannabis products, especially flower. While the potency of the kief does vary depending on the plant it came from, it usually tests in at over 50% THC, a huge contrast to the average flower THC level of 12-25%.

Kief is popular among stoners everywhere, as it allows a quick and easy way to separate the precious THC, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids from the rest of the harsher plan material.

Easy to collect and affordable to buy, kief is a versatile cannabis product.

You can use kief to get super stoned by:

  • topping off your bowl of flower. Sprinkle some kief over your bowl of flower for a more potent bowl or pipe hit.
  • enhancing a joint. Add some kief to your flower before rolling up your joint. Take things even further by rolling your joint in your favorite oil and then rolling it in kief.
  • pressing out rosin. This is usually done with flower, but kief provides greater and more potent yields.
  • making your own moonrocks. Moonrocks are little nuggets of dankness, created by dipping flower in oil and then rolling it in kief.
  • enriching cannabutter. Swap out flower for kief in your next batch of cannabutter, and use it to create even more potent edibles.
  • making hash. Hash is basically kief that’s been heated up and put under immense pressure to make it form a soft, green-brown ball. The heat bursts the trichomes, creating a whole different set of effects, flavors, and aromas – it’s a whole new level of high.

3 Best Types of Kief

As we talked about, not all kief is created equal. Just as with any other cannabis product, some kief is better than other kief.

These three types of kief, from Blacksmith Farms, are some of the best types of kief. High-quality and incredibly potent, kief from Blacksmith Farms is sure to get you super lit.

Brown Sugar kief is a delicious hybrid that will have you feeling good in no time. The Brown Sugar strain comes from a rare cross of Chocolate Trip and an inbred phenotype of Cinderella 99. This sweet and earthy strain promotes a mellow body buzz with intense cerebral effects. Maintain your clarity and focus with this sativa-leaning hybrid.

Hybrid Blend kief from Blacksmith Farms is a potent blend of strains mixed together to bring you the ultimate hybrid kief.

Indica Blend kief from Blacksmith Farms is a blend of powerful indica strains mixed together to deliver the best indica kief around.

Find these brands of kief and so much more at World of Weed, 3202 Portland Ave. E., and shop online at



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