By Alden Linn
Owner, World of Weed

The sun is out and shining bright, flowers are blooming, birds are singing – and that giant blanket you’ve got has been calling to from inside the closet, ready to make a comeback.

It’s picnic season!

Outdoor dining and seshing takes a bit of planning, and can be as simple or boujee as you’d like. And then, for dessert, end with some cannabis-infused chocolates or fill up on one of these Journeyman fruit jellies pouches ($25 for a 10-pk, 100mg THC) with assorted juicy flavors. Even the packaging is bright and summery.

But, when it comes to planning the perfect summer picnic for stoners, there is no one-size-fits-all method of doing things. A whole bunch of different factors come into play, from weather to number of people, to legality.

So, some planning ahead is definitely a must. So, we’ve put together this helpful cheat sheet to planning the perfect summer picnic for stoners – just like you!


Unlike a regular summer picnics, a stoner summer picnic can’t take place just anywhere. But, even with limitations, there is still quite a bit of versatility when it comes to picking a spot for your picnic. You can have a picnic in so many places, from a backyard to a waterfall or secluded area of the beach; sitting in a wooded area or while you’re out camping. You can even include your picnic as part of your summer daycation. There are plenty of options to have a summer picnic for stoners – it’s just a matter of deciding on where.


Need to keep your food warm? Instead of having to put it into another container (or multiple containers!), just keep it in the cookware – it gives the picnic a laid-back vibe. If the dish has handles, secure it with zipties (through the handles and across the top), or by tying a dish cloth around it tightly.

Keep all the other picnic essentials in the same container for easy, convenient transport. This includes sunscreen, paper towels, napkins, trash bags, etc.

Keep the beverages in the cooler with the ice, so they’ll be plenty cold by the time you reach your destination.

A few more tips for transporting food:

  • Pack two containers – one for cold items and one for nonperishables and the tableware. This keeps the cold beverages and food together so they stay cold longer, as well as prevents condensation from getting on the dry items.
  • Pack your picnic basket (or box) in reverse order, so everything is easy to reach when you’re ready to unpack. Layer your basket: Nonperishables on the bottom, then the flatware and tableware on top of that, and then the tablecloth draped over and tucked to cover everything.
  • Prior to your picnic, save condiment packets from any fast-food restaurants you eat at. These are travel-size and perfect for any summer picnic for stoners.
  • Always bring garbage bags, just in case there aren’t any trash cans at the picnic spot. Throw any roaches, stems, ash, and other weed-related trash into your own trash

bag to tie up and throw into the trash bins.


When it comes to a summer picnic for stoners, the drinks are the second most important part of the planning – right behind the weed. Fortunately, picnic beverages don’t take a whole lot of work. Picnic drinks are usually bought, rather than made at home), so it really is all about picking the drinks you know your guests would like.

And remember — You can bring cannabis tinctures along to turn any regular picnic drink into a dank treat.


Now that you’re all set up with the above tips and a conveniently packed picnic basket, you’re ready to head out to the spot you picked. Head there, sit back, relax, and get lit with the perfect summer picnic for stoners with these great ideas:

  • Have a weed tasting. Have your guests each bring a couple grams of some choice strains. Put them all together, and everyone gets to try the different strains available.
  • Bring your own pipe, or travel-friendly bong. This makes it easier everyone to smoke together.
  • Roll up ahead of time. If you’re bringing blunts or joints, roll them up ahead of time to avoid any precious bud getting blown about while you’re trying to roll up.
  • Get some pre-rolls.You could also pick up some pre-rolls, and make things even more convenient.
  • Vape pens and THC vape cartridges are your best friends when it comes to outdoor seshes. Discreet, convenient, and mess-free – they’re a must-have for the perfect summer picnic for stoners.


This is a simple thing, but it’s a big thing.

Your summer picnic experience was great largely because those who were there before you picked up after themselves. Return the same courtesy, and leave the area looking better than it did when you arrived. You also want to definitely make sure you’re not leaving anything cannabis-related behind when you leave.

Stop by World of Weed to fill your picnic basket full of canna-goodies: 3202 Portland Ave. E., or online at



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