By Diamond Green

A study that took place in 2017 by Stanford University came to the conclusion that a positive association between cannabis use and sexual frequency is seen in men and women across all demographic groups. What this means is that there is a relation between cannabis users and their sex drive. Specifically, cannabis users engage in sex, on average, 20% more than non-users. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, there are several cannabis strains that we believe enhance certain bedroom activities.

The right kind of cannabis can give an energizing effect to the user that may put the right fire in their belly for prolonged intimacy. There are also strains that when consumed will activate the kind of body high that will lead to even higher pleasure. The wrong joint can kill the mood though, and not every product is right for setting an evening’s mood. Several products beyond cannabis even exist to insight pleasure into your night such as infused lubricants. Here are a few strains (and products) we believe will get you in the mood. You can find all these products and more on our Leafly menu which we update daily at

Durban Poison by Northwest Roots

Durban Poison is a classic sativa strain known to energize. You can pick up grams of this prime strain for long lasting love sessions for $10 at Diamond Green. The chunky round buds from this uplifting and energizing strain will take your focus to full and never slow you down in any physical endeavor.

Green Crack by Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Northwest Cannabis Solutions creates consistently potent cannabis for a phenomenal price. Green Crack is the purest of sativas, and will keep you up at night if you smoke too much of it. Therefore, if you’re enjoying an afternoon of romance this is a great strain to keep you energized before and after coitus to still have a productive evening.

Granddaddy Purple by Solstice

Solstice produces the kind of cannabis that never disappoints. Granddaddy Purple is a classic indica strain they produce that is known to give ample body highs. After a long stressful day, a few puffs of this heavy indica will relax your muscles and ease your tensions for a cozy night filled with passion.

“O” Intimate Lubricant by Fairwinds

This is the next step in cannabis-infused sexual activity. Fairwinds makes a myriad of intelligent cannabis products that you don’t need to smoke. Among which is their “O” Intimate Lubricant which is a latex safe, high-potentcyblend of THC and CBD that provides a heightened experience for both guys and gals. You can pick up this hormone-free concoction for $40 infused with a Love Potion #9 indica strain that’s known to relax and stimulate your senses.

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