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Not quite here, and not exactly there, is precisely where you’ll find this hidden gem of an access point. Tucked in a quaint little shopping center near the Bass Pro Shop off of South Hosmer and 72nd Avenue in South Tacoma is home to one of the more successful and widely known cannabis retailers in the city.

Since 2014 the rock stars at Clear Choice Cannabis have been bringing some of the largest varieties of cannabis products to consumers in Washington State, hands down. This is something to be proud of, considering the vast number of producers and processors that they have featured steadily for years now at price points comparable to others in the area. As if a mountainous selection of cannabis products weren’t enough to satisfy you, they also have the largest and most exclusive glass accessory selection in the state of Washington, ranging from your everyday grab-n-go pipe all the way up to $20,000 pieces of functional glass art. Do yourself a favor: If you are in the area, stop by and prepare to have your mind blown by this titan of the cannabis market, one strain or dab rig at a time!

I recently had the opportunity to snag a few precious moments with the Clear Choice Cannabis General Manager Kristina Green, and here is what she had to say about day-to-day operations, and what drives the retailer to be such a cannabis cornucopia to the community.


When did Clear Choice Cannabis first open its doors to the recreational consumer?

It was back in August 2014, to a highly appreciative cannabis community. We had operated as a medical cannabis collective prior to that for roughly one year, establishing a name and level of service within the community that I can credit to our success today. People knew then that we would always strive to provide a plethora of options when it came to popular farms, new delivery methods, and budget-friendly cannabis products.


Are there currently any brands of cannabis, or otherwise, that are exclusive to you guys here in Tacoma?

Actually, yes there are. We are an exclusive Tacoma-access point for a well-known brand of cannabis concentrates processed by X-Tracted Labs. Variety, consistency and flavor are what this company has strived for since its inception many moons ago. We also have exclusivity with the Mad Dabbler brand of premium glass accessories, from pipes and bubblers on up to more elaborate dab rigs and accompanying nails. Green Valley Society branded flowers is yet another exclusive brand to our quaint little location.


What is your main goal in the cannabis industry?

To ensure longevity and professionalism within the industry. This is not something, obviously, we want to see fail. We want to be a good example for the rest of the states to look at as an exemplary model of how it can be done on a day-to-day basis, and logistically as well.


What are some of your more popular products?

Aurum Farms is by and large the leader for our flower sales, currently. Northwest Cannabis Solutions is a close second, providing more of the “stable strains” beloved by connoisseurs statewide like GSC, Sherbet and Pink Cookies. X-Tracted is our concentrates leader here, by a large margin, especially due to its exclusivity.


If you could let the general public know one thing about Clear Choice, what would that sentiment be?

We strive every day to provide nothing less than the best and most professional cannabis experiences possible for every person that walks through our doors. From our consistent customer appreciation to our cleanliness and professionalism in the community, we are trying to set a new standard for the people of Washington to learn from. Please, be my guest and come in sometime to experience this for yourselves.


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