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Cannabis…it’s not just for smoking anymore! Though we can scarcely believe it ourselves, sometimes it seems like smoking is the last thing people think of when it comes to weed. With so many intriguing and delicious edibles hitting the shelves, it’s (ahem) high time to check out the world of cannabis drinks.

A new breed of very inventive cannapreneurs is developing some truly mind-blowingly delicious (and sometimes plain old mind-blowing) beverages that deliver a potent, discreet, and flavorful dose of cannabis. Especially with the warming days of spring, we wanted to share a few of our favorite new discoveries in the world of cannabis drinks with you, plus tell you a bit about the folks who make them.

High Drate Lemonade:CBD Hibiscus

The folks at High Drate created this tart refresher as an antidote to sugary, overly sweet sodas. Relying instead on the appealingly sour flavor of the hibiscus flower, it tastes a bit like an even juicier lemonade. Each bottle contains 10 servings of a 1:1 CBD/THC blend, 10mg of each per serving.

Happy Apple

This genuinely fun beverage is made of little more than 100% Washington-grown, pure apple cider and cannabis. It’s formulated in varying doses depending on your needs, with 10, 50 or 100mg of THC per bottle. Light, flavorful, and geared toward low daily doses or a light social buzz, what’s not to love?

Evergreen Herbal: CBD Blaze

“Remember those long road trips and the feeling of finally pulling into a gas station to quench the family’s thirst?” asks the promotional literature. Well, it’s a fair bet your road trips were never quite THIS much fun! Sparked with a hint of vanilla and nose-tickling bubbles, this classic cola is enlivened with varying doses of 1:1 CBD/THC cannabis ranging from 10-100mg per bottle. Zippy, refreshing and fun! This soda is made by the same folks who make High Drate.

Utopia Sparkling Water

Available in cherry, grapefruit, tonic water and other flavors, these yummy effervescent powerhouses deliver varying hits of THC, ranging from 10-100mg per bottle. We’re fans of all of them, but have a hard time staying away from the delightfully sour grapefruit. “More deliciously sour and effervescent than Grandma’s grapefruit,” reads the description, and they’re not kidding around!

Reeb Bitter Barley

We just had to include this fascinating beverage on our list of cannabis drinks. This THC-infused soda is brewed to taste like a pale ale but without the alcohol content. Like all the cannabis drinks we sell, you won’t notice any flavor or aroma of weed. But like many cannabis strains, you’ll pick up on floral, citrus, and pine notes in this unusual sipper.

Whether you’re a soda drinker or prefer a sparkling water, there’s a cannabis drink for you! Remember to check the dosage in your drink and to treat your bevy like an edible – start low and slow if it’s your first time!

Ready to imbibe? Grab a cannabis drink at Clear Choice Cannabis, 8001 S. Hosmer St., Tacoma. You can check out what the store has in stock on its online dispensary menu at Simply filter the menu by “edibles” and then “drinks” to see what is in stock.



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