Credit: Jacob Devish

By Marie Devish

It should go without saying that it’s cold out. All of the farmers markets (save for the weekly one in Proctor District) have ended and the fruit selections in the stores are dwindling. With the ever-present fog making the City of Destiny look like a Charles Dickens novel, I haven’t felt much of an urge to go outside. That leaves me with nowhere to go and nothing to do except shamelessly binge watch Hulu’s “Dollface.” That is until I was given an early Christmas gift: “Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I know I’m about two years too late on this trend, but I was genuinely interested in tidying up for the holidays.

Doing chores is much better stoned, so I made the trek to Mary Mart on 6thAve., looking for a sativa with the body effects of an indica. The budtender pulled out my favorite strains from my favorite vendors, but suggested that I try something new. She’d just tried it and highly recommended it: From the Soil.

The purple-lidded glass jar made it stand out against the sea of plain black lids. The iridescent green label shines under the bright lights proudly displaying the brand name. I felt almost giddy looking at it, like I’d been given an early Christmas gift. This particular strain was Flo OG, an indica dominate hybrid (70:30) with a THC content of 21.7 percent. The label clearly states that it has a relaxing, cerebral high and a sweet, earthy taste and smell to it.

At home while marveling at the package, I wondered what would be the best way to consume it. A joint, a blunt or even a bong would have been acceptable, but I knew that I was going to need to be pretty baked to complete the arduous task of sifting through my 23 pairs of faded black leggings. I decided to use a small steamroller. This is a piece where one end is a mouthpiece and the other is also opened into an O. The user will cup one end of the steamroller while hitting the mouthpiece, until the entire piece is filled with delicious smoke. When the user releases a large cloud of smoke is released into the lungs.

At eight in the morning I brewed a pot of Donut House coffee and began my cleaning ritual with a bowl of Flo OG. Taking the lid off, I was hit with the strongest vanilla aroma I’ve ever smelled in a flower, like freshly baked sugar cookies. The vanilla was followed quickly by a rich, earthy note that reminded me of camping in the Cascades during Memorial Day weekend. The jade colored, popcorn style nugs have hardly any stems and have obviously been hand cut by someone who loves what they do. They are dense and absolutely covered in the stickiest kief.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to speak with Michelle Remple, brand ambassador to From the Soil farms. FTS was founded in 2016 in Elma. The co-op collective strives to create great tasting, high quality, all-natural flower, concentrates and infused joints for everyday use. Currently, the farm offers 21 different strains of flower, 24 strains of joints, and nine varieties of resin from indica to sativa and everything in between. They use the highest quality, probiotic rich soil (the fertilizer is a combination of bat guano, sea kelp and worm casings). FTS’s all-natural grow method involves a solid glass green house and predator mite to keep out any unwanted pests, without harming the plants. They are constantly evolving their strains and have created numerous OG strains out of crowd favorites like Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue #4, making Banner on Glue.

From the Soil is looking for new strains, and welcomes suggestions on their Instagram page: @ftsfarms and @mtffarms.

After three or four hits, I felt prepared to dive into my epic to-do list. This is for those of us who have a deadline to meet, but stalled until the last minute. Flo OG is the strand for those of us who have to do chores, and don’t mind doing them stoned.

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